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Dr Narsibhai Patel

Dr Narsibhai Patel, a graduate of civil engineering from BVM, Vidhyanagar, India, spent the initial years of his working life at the Ukai and Dantiwada Projects in Gujarat before leaving for the USA in 1966 to continue his professional education. He obtained MSc and PhD degrees in Structural Engineering from The University of Houston, Texas where he also taught structural engineering courses. There, twice, he was given the Teaching Excellence Award. In 1973, he joined The Halliburton Company and relocated to London. He has to his credit 22 oil rig designs in the North Sea with the introduction of several design innovations.

Post Retirement

Since taking early retirement in 1994, Narsibhai has rekindled his passion in Indo-European languages and the Sanatan Culture. He has written two books: Indo-European is Gujarati and Om, Swastika and Shivalinga. In his last book he brings out, through clear perception and original research, the ancient meanings and evolutionary concepts behind the familiar Sanatan symbols. After publishing, we have made a great attempt to release both books on the internet for free. Please visit the books section to download your copy.

Narsibhai Patel

Narsibhai Patel

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