Indo-European is Gujarati

Indo European is Gujarati

I have presented my arguments about new taxonomy and new location of Urheimat on the basis of the lexical unity between the colloquial Gujarati and the reconstructed words of the Indo-European language as well as several other recent discoveries in supporting disciplines.

By chance I came across an internet site by Dr Jeoffery Sampson of Sussex University in early 2004.

The site had a story in the reconstructed Indo-European language (IE) circa 5000 BC about a Childless King. It is also stated at other places. I was surprised to see that the language of the story was almost colloquial Gujarati still being spoken in Northwest India by 50 million people. I sent Dr Sampson a copy of that story in IE, English, Gujarati in Roman alphabet and Gujarati in Gujarati alphabet. That exercise was to show him the closeness of the reconstructed IE and the present day Gujarati. Dr Sampson was not surprised by my endeavor but it did put me on a path to research in detail the reconstructed IE root words and the present common Gujarati words still being used in the villages of Gujarat.

That endeavour culminated in a book entitled “Indo-European is Gujarati”

It was published in the Gujarati language in January 2005. An effort is also being made to write an English version of this book, suited to its audience.

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  • ISBN 10: 0954338243
  • ISBN 13: 978-0954338244

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