After rekindling his passion in Indo-European languages and the Sanatan Culture, Narsibhai wrote two books: Indo-European is Gujarati and Om, Swastika and Shivalinga. In his last book he brings out, through clear perception and original research, the ancient meanings and evolutionary concepts behind the familiar Sanatan symbols. After publishing, we have made a great attempt to release both books on the internet for free. Downloads are available from the individual pages.

Indo European is Gujarati

Indo-European is Gujarati

I present my arguments about the new taxonomy and new location of Urheimat on the basis of lexical unity between colloquial Gujarati and the reconstructed words of the Indo-European language as well as several other recent discoveries in supporting disciplines. More »

Om, Swastika and Shivalinga

Om, Swastika and Shivalinga

In ancient Sanatan culture, exist several symbols and figures representing sounds, ideas and physical concepts. Their origins are shrouded in mythical fables and tales. I have explained here the origin of three of the most famous symbols used in our culture. More »